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Workation Phenomenon

Work doesn’t look the same as it looked in the past, even if we are talking about previous 10 years. However, there still are many companies that are trying to stick to the old-fashioned way of working: strict working hours and a disapproval of remote work.

On the contrary, forward-looking companies and usually startups, often run by millennials, appreciate a flexible working environment. The contemporary mindset of running a business allows their employees to travel and not to lose their vacation time.

Workation meaning

Very simply, workation stands for vacation time while still working. Modern employees support this choice because they believe it paybacks in productivity and creativity: a temporary escape of day to day stresses in the office. Moreover, it helps to please employees, because they will not feel like skipping their holiday.

It is not a replacement of vacation

Well, workation shouldn’t be mixed with vacation. It is a mistake for an employee to expect that the employee will work during his/her holiday time. Vacation time is for recharging and relaxing.

A workation is only about remote work while traveling or changing locations. If an employer relies on his employee while he or she works from home, it shouldn’t be an obstacle to allow him/her to work from anywhere in the world.

Even a group of people can do it

Usually, it is an individual choice to take a workation. But a team case shouldn’t be ignored either. In fact, it can benefit a lot: a team building affair in a different country instead of choosing a local, well-known environment. It sounds more exciting, right?

The life pattern of digital nomads

Some people are always on a workation and the world is their constant office. Usually these people are called digital nomads.

The adoption of this lifestyle is also related with the wide access of the internet all over the world. This technological progress allowed for remote work to become a common preference in the 21stcentury.

However, it’s not for everyone. Some people enjoy having Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5pm work schedule, and it’s totally cool. The most important is that employees are satisfied about their working conditions.

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