What Skills Do New Graduates Lack?

What Skills Do New Graduates Lack

Most of graduates do believe that they are ready to hit the job market. But hiring managers have other opinion. In most cases they acknowledge the gap between old-timers and fresh blood in the job market. Especially when things turn to perception of business culture and work-life balance.

The latest report from PayScale shows that 87% of recent higher education institution graduates feel well prepared to hit the ground running once having their diplomas in the hands. Meanwhile, only half of hiring managers feels confident to give a chance to babe in arms.

Unfortunately, the numbers reveal a challenging situation. People, who graduated in 2016 were too optimistic about future perspectives in finding a study field related job vacancy. 51 percent of those, who graduated two years ago, were and still are struggling with the employment.

So, let’s take a look what new graduates lack and what skills hiring managers are missing.

The most desired qualities are critical thinking, problem solving, attention to detail and writing proficiency. To the contrary, search engine optimization marketing, foreign languages and coding are at the bottom of the list.

What skills would make any hiring manager happy?

According to the research, hiring managers are missing the ability to communicate, lead, take responsibility and be a team player. “Graduates need strong communication and problem-solving skills if they want to interview well and succeed in the workplace, because effective writing, speaking, and critical thinking enables you to accomplish business goals and get ahead,” Dan Schawbel, research director at Future Workplace, stated.

However, age matters too. 55 percent of millennial managers who belong to this category as well, believe that fresh graduates are ready to hit the ground running more than 47 percent of generation X and baby boomers are.

Katie Bardaro, vice president of Data Analytics at PayScale, claims that the main reason in this situation is that “managers from older generations are likely more versed in these skills and thus have higher expectations for them then managers from younger generations.”

Since this is the first research on this subject, there is no other data to compare. “We can say that the increase in dependence on technology and the recent Great Recession has widened the skills gap,” she says. That affected the job market and made the hiring managers selective.

Gradutaion And Employment

Latest trends

Anyway, even newcomers are struggling with finding a job after graduation. There are a few specialties in demand. So, if you are into IT – programming, the Scala language, Cisco UCCE/IPCC software -, these graduates usually have no bad experiences regarding job search. And are more than satisfied with the salary. Well, it makes sense, since the technology jobs are listed in the top of the list with the highest wage rates. Second and third spots belong to software development and financial management.

As we can see, sometimes career aspirations don’t go with the trends. However, it doesn’t mean that people must blindly follow the job market movement. It is all about what makes us happy and feels good. Even though, sometimes it takes more time to find a correct career path and our patience might be tested. But hey, those who seek, find!

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