Weird Ways the World Celebrates New Year

12 Grapes in Spain

If you’re celebrating the last day of the year in Spain, be ready to stuff yourself with 12 grapes at midnight. A wish goes along with each grape. One grape needs to be eaten at each chime of the clock at midnight.

Great Balls of Fire in Scotland

People parade through the streets of Stonehaven, Scotland while swinging balls of fire around. The roots of this tradition date back to the Vikings.

Scarlet Undies in Turkey

Wearing red underwear dates back to the Middle Ages, or so they say. The colour red was originally frowned upon because it was associated with evil but on New Year’s Eve they bring good luck. In Turkey, street stalls are filled with this festive lingerie.

Whispering to Animals in Romania

Trying to understand their animals is a New Year’s Eve ritual practiced by Romanian farmers. Communicating with animals is said to bring good luck for the coming year.

Kiss-a-thon in Venice

St. Mark’s Square is popular for many reasons. But you probably didn’t know that each NYE there is a mass kissing event with about 70,000 people. Don’t forget to bring your mints!

The Ecuador Suitcase Walk

Not sure if you’ll get to go on holiday? Well, why not take your empty suitcase for a walk in your neighbourhood? This tradition says if you do this you’ll get to go on vacation in the coming year.

Cold Swimming, UK

In Saundersfoot, Wales, each year over 1,500 gather to swim the icy waters. This is a charity event and some say even a great cure for a NYE hangover.

Graveyard Camping in Chile

In honour of their dead relatives, those in Talca, Chile spend NYE by the graves of their loved ones who have passed, surrounded by candles and listening to classical music.

Furniture Tossing in S. Africa and Italy

You better look up when walking the streets of Johannesburg and some Italian towns. Residents have a habit of tossing old furniture out the window to ring in the new year.

Plate Smashing in Denmark

This is not about Greece… On NYE Denmark residents toss plates against the front doors of their friends’ homes. The more smashed plates at your door, the more popular you are. And this of course, will bring you luck.

So, what will you do to celebrate the new year in a fun and interesting way?

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