Warmer weather in Norway: climate change and snake bites

Weather In Norway

Unusual weather is spoiling Norwegians who are used to much lower summer temperatures. Moreover, unusually high temperatures for this northern country may become normal.

Climate change

Climate researchers are anxious about quite a regular occurrence of Euro  pean heatwaves this summer. A few records for hot weather have been already set. For now, 34 degrees has been recorded as a highest temperature, which is 4 degrees higher than a warmest day last year.

The long-term average temperature has increased between 2-4 degrees to that of the average. However, climate researchers warn that it can become even hotter in Norway. This prediction is based on global warming and the world’s incapability to take proper actions to stop it. Additionally, other opinions believe that this drastic change will be seen by future generations only.

Adder bites

Compared to June last year, a double number of snake bites was registered this year: 105 vs 52.

Guess who’s fault it is? It’s sure that it’s the weather. The warm and dry summer attracts people to spend more time outside. Accordingly, the thinner shoes also don’t do anyone any favours.

It’s important to note that these numbers don’t represent national statistics, they reflect the number of times the helpline was contacted due to concerns over bites. Moreover, it’s unknown if this case has a regional trend since these snakes can be found all over the country.

Not deadly

Snakes don’t attack unless they feel a threat. So, it’s recommended to look under your feet when you’re out in nature. This healthy habit is valid all around the globe and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Adder bites aren’t deadly for healthy adults, but some people might feel acute pain. However, these bites don’t necessarily require medical attention, except for those who belong to the risk group (children, the elderly and pregnant women are often sent to check in with a doctor). Anyway, if bitten it is better to have medical advice, especially if it happens for the very first time.

The snake in Latin is called “vipera berus”, and it is a very rare case that someone dies from it. Usually domestic pets have bigger chances to be bitten, so they should be taken to a vet immediately if bitten.

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