Top destinations for expats looking to soak up the sun

A lot of expats move away to find more sun. Especially during the time of year when days are getting shorter, colder and wetter, who would blame you for fantasizing about moving to a country with a warm, sunny and dry climate to start a new life. But what are the destinations that actually have the most to offer sun worshipers?


Spain is probably one of the first countries that come to mind when thinking about warm and sunny destinations – and of course for a good reason, parts of this Mediterranean country get up to no less than 300 days of sunshine a year. Spain has a large expat community, that makes it a great choice for Northern Europeans looking to move to a new country. Another good choice is the South of France where you can enjoy an abundance of sunshine every year, with cities located along its southern coast that generally get around 230 days of sunshine annually. However, living on the South Coast often comes at a very high price, especially along the Riviera. Another good European choice for expats is Italy, where you can expect skies to be sunny for about 330 days a year in certain areas. However, be prepared that the summer months in Italy can also be extremely hot!

North and South America

If you are considering to move a bit further afield, then you may want to cross the Atlantic Ocean, with parts of both North and South America offering lots of sunshine. A lot of southern states in the US rank very high for hours of sunshine, with California being a popular destination for expats. People looking for the maximum amount of sunshine will want to consider a move to the state of Arizona, which gets around 322 days of sun every year. Another increasingly popular destination for expats looking for the sun is Mexico, especially the part along the Pacific coast where some areas enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine every year. If you move further south, you’ll find Brazil and the sun swept beaches of Rio, with the city being home to an increasing amount of expats. In spite of having to cope with the rainy season, there will also be many months of tropical sunshine each year.

Australia and Asia

If you are looking for a more exotic destination, you may consider relocating to Asia, as the continent provides not only a warm climate but also a complete cultural change. For a long time, Thailand has been a popular destination for young backpackers enjoying a gap year, and the generous amount of sunshine and reasonable cost of living has also led to an increased amount of expats settling down in this beautiful paradise in South Asia. Australia is also an excellent choice of course for people looking to find as much sun as possible, with up to more than 200 days of sunshine to enjoy.

Other parts of the world

Egypt being the cradle of civilization and home to a lot of the world’s most iconic monuments (such as the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx) offers plenty of sunshine, with parts of the country averaging more than 300 days of sunshine each year. Madagascar, situated just off the coast of East Africa, is also an exotic location where you can find lots of sun, with Antananarivo (the capital) enjoying almost 300 days of sunshine each year. This island nation is much less well-traveled than some of the other countries mentioned, so it is a great place for people looking to get away from it all. If you’re considering to soak up the sun year-round, you may want to check out one of the mentioned destinations – just remember to brush up on your small talk, you will no longer be able to complain about the weather if you decide to move!

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