The Most Romantic Gestures According to Both Men & Women

The Most Romantic Gestures

Dating and maintaining a decent relationship in the 21st century is far from easy. Some may even call it a nightmare. There are many reasons for this. We have greater freedom and most of us are always ‘on’ when it comes to workplace culture. But, of course digital technology (dating apps) and social media make it easy to just swipe left or block when things don’t go the way we’d like.  The most romantic gestures according to both men & women are not all the same, but we do have a lot in common.

75% of People Would Like More Romance in Their Lives

Approximately 60% of people are confused about what constitutes romance. Gone are the old days when romance was the norm and doing something nice for your date was very much appreciated, if not expected. Today many people (about 57%) are afraid of making romantic gestures so as not to be labelled ‘cheesy’ and to avoid embarrassment. Yet, about 75% of us would like more romance in our lives. So where do we start?

Men and women seem to have very different ideas about what is romantic and this is one of the biggest problems in heterosexual relationships. More than 2000 men and women were surveyed by publishers Mills and Boon. In the survey, men were found more likely to express love via material gifts or flowers. Women seem to express romance through the intangible. Spending time with their partner, cuddling, taking romantic walks are all high on the list. J.Lo was very right when she sang “love don’t cost a thing”.

Ideas of Romance Shared by Men and Women

Despite the differences between the sexes, there was a consensus on some behaviour considered more romantic. In top spot of agreed upon romantic behaviour was holding hands (44% of men and women agreed). About the equal number of people like to cuddle, 43% like to give surprise gifts, 32% consider romantic walks as romantic and 31% feel that way about giving flowers.

Some things many consider cliché (or do so in public) made the top 20 list. Activities such as candlelit dinners, spontaneous get-aways, breakfast in bed or running a warm bath for our partner made the list. Sharing an umbrella also made the list, although we’re not so sure if that’s really romantic or not.

Modern Ideas of Romance

There are ideas of romance that are definitely new. Picking up your partners’ favourite takeaway food, or waiting to watch the episode of your favourite TV series. Sending selfies didn’t make the list however.

Biggest Turn-Offs

Turn-offs seem to be easier for people to name. No one likes those who are addicted to their telephones and keep them out during dinner. This was passion killer #1, voted by 49% of those surveyed. Bad personal hygiene (45%), rude behaviour (33%) and drinking too much alcohol (31%) all made the turn-off list.

Here is the Top 20 Romantic Gesture List

1. Holding hands
2. Cuddling
3. Surprise gifts
4. A romantic walk
5. Giving flowers
6. A spontaneous trip
7. Dinner by candlelight
8. Breakfast in bed
9. Cooking a meal at home
10. Writing a love letter
11. Preparing a bath for your partner
12. A spontaneous date night
13. Sharing happy memories
14. Waiting up for your partner to get home
15. Waiting to watch the next episode of your favourite TV series together
16. Letting your partner choose the movie
17. Checking to see if your partner got home ok after a night out
18. Bringing home your partners favourite takeout meal
19. Giving a foot massage
20. Sharing an umbrella

We hope you enjoyed the list of the most romantic gestures according to both men & women. Now you can plan something romantic for your partner, ust in time for Valentine’s Day.

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