Surprising Ways to Stay Thin

Why do some people stay slim without much effort?  Have you ever wondered?

There are other factors other than just a healthier lifestyle or genetics.  Let’s have a look at some other factors…

They Live Near A Gym

Those living within 1 km of any facility where one can participate in physcial activity weighed less than those who didn’t, according to a recent study in the journal Lancet Public Health.   Women and those with higher incomes showed a larger difference.  More walkable neighbourhoods also have inhabitants with an average lower weight.

They Fidget A Lot

It seems that any level of physical activity is beneficial.  People who fidget do tend to weigh less.  This can also be said for those standing, gardening and cooking.  All of these more passive activities can keep people more trim

They Eat Spicy Food

Some data points out that eating spicy food can attribute to less obesity.  For example, chili peppers may reduce appetite and activate heat which burns fat, therefore increasing metabolism.  Some of your thinner friends may be adding hot sauce and chili flakes onto their mesals regularly.

People are 14% less likely to die (from any cause) if they eat spicy food 6-7 times per wweek according to a Chinese study.  Overall, it seems hot spices keep one healthier.

They Live At A Higher Elevation

The higher the altitude the lower the obesity rate.  In the USA, those living in Colorado are generally slimmer, according to  the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lower oxygen levels increase metabolic demand.  At higher altitudes the sympathetic nervous system increases its’ activation which reduces appetite.

They Live In A Big City

Although one has easier access to fast food in large urban centers it seems that the walkability of these areas contributes to less obesity.  Overall having access to more types of foods lends towards a better diet.  So for those of you living in metropolitan areas with a population of over 1 million may have this advantage.

If You Don’t Fall Into Those Categories …

There’s no need to move to the mountains or a big city to trim down.  Do try getting some physical activity daily and spice up your diet to trim down.  These small tricks on a daily basis may certainly help.


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