Cities Where You Will Still Find Free Spanish Tapas

Spanish Tapas

Tapas at one time was a tradition and a religion; here you’ll find recommendations for places where free snacks still reign.

“Tapa” – comes from the word ‘tapar’ meant to cover.  The origins of this tradition are steeped in myth. Some stories claim they were created to fuel the bravado of the troops, as the Christian reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula needed a boost, and others say it was to avoid fist fights in the taverns between the soldiers.

The origins of Spanish tapas likely came from Andalucian grocery stores at the end of the 19th century. As people migrated, the trend was later exported to Madrid.

Food shortages in post-war Spain produced a need for cheap and functional nourishment that could...

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    Antes de escribir un articulo hay que informarse correctamente. Por ejemplo en Madrid no son gratis las tapas. Pero si os faltan provincias como Jaén y Almeria q junto con Granada son las provoncias reinas de las tapas gratis.
    Un saludo.

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