The World’s Most Valuable Distiller Is Running Out of Liquor

Running Out of Liquor

You can smell the soy sauce-like scent. It is the Chinese grain alcohol baijiu and it permeates the main street of the picturesque town of Maotai, China. This is home to the world’s most valuable liquor company, and they’re running out of liquor.

There’s a Buying Frenzy

Inventory shortages abound in the local shops that carry the distiller’s main brands. Line ups can be seen wherever the bottles are available. Simply put, it’s a buying frenzy.
The fiery flavour and the potential to appreciate in price is driving demand of this very popular drink. It’s market value has been pushed to more than $145 billion, well past British whisky giant Diageo Plc.
Flying Fairy is the main brand of this distiller...

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