9 of the most relevant etiquette norms of 21st century

Relevant Etiquette Norms

Etiquette standards have changed a lot during last 20 years. Things that were normal for our parents and grandparents, like sending letters via mail or calling via a land line, in this digital age are used much less often. Earlier generations didn’t need to be worried about texting, mailing rules or dating app protocol. Well, pretty much everything used to be done face to face before.

However, our environment progresses and keeps up with the latest innovations. For this reason, there exists a vague understanding about current etiquette norms and acceptable behaviors. Thus, this article should help you get a clue  as to what is acceptable and what is not in terms of technology, work and relationships.

1.    No phone on the table during a meal

Keeping your phone on the table in most cases is disrespectful for one’s tablemates. Moreover, since smartphones buzz, vibrate or flash, it can distract the attention from food and people. So, it must be tucked away, especially while having an official dinner.

Even though a phone on the table isn’t considered as a good etiquette norm, but in many informal cases it can be justified, especially among millennials and generation Z.

2.    Switch off your phone while on a date

If you are going to constantly check your phone while on a date, you will not make a good impression. In addition, if everything goes well and the relationship will progress, you might create a mutual habit to be absorbed with your phones while spending time together. 

Going back to the etiquette standards, you should be concentrated on your date instead of the phone. Of course, if an emergency or childcare issue occurs, the phone can be used. The problem should simply be communicated to one’s date. 

3.    Reaching out after a date shouldn’t take too long

If you enjoyed the date and would like to go to another one, then reach out the next day. In this technology age postponing can be interpreted as a lack of interest. Moreover, make a plan, you wouldn’t like to become just a texting buddy.

4.    An appropriate response time to email

Professional emails should be answered within 24-48 hours. Social emails aren’t so time sensitive, so it can take up to one week (if there is no urgent situation).

5.    A polite way to address someone in an email

It is recommended to stick to a formal manner, especially for the first email. Then you can act dependently on a reply email: if a person signs its email as Mark, you may use this name in the other email. If it comes signed as Mark Thompson, you should address you following email to Mr. Thompson. 

6.    Taking photos via phone at weddings

Your phone should be hidden during the actual ceremony, especially if a couple hired the professional photographer. During unofficial moments you can make a selfie with bride and groom.

 7.    Dressing for a job interview

Even though the office is casual, it’s still important to look professional and polished. Simply don’t overdo it.

 8.    Keep mutual memories private on social media after a breakup

If you break up in a hard way and it still affects you a lot, then it’s better not to know how your ex is doing. In this case, unfriending or unfollowing them  is the solution.  Otherwise, stay friends and maintain friendly relationship via social networks.

 Anyway, for the sake of your own and your future partner’s peace, remove pictures of your previous relationships. 

 9.    Stay in public places when meeting someone from a dating app in real life

Sure, you can count on Google and social media to double check the person if anything looks suspicious. The majority of dating apps don’t require a last name, so it’s socially acceptable to ask one once the date is confirmed. 

 More tips: inform a friend about your plans and give the main details about the person. Check in after the date. Don’t let them walk you home. Have extra cash just to be able to leave if things go too awkward.   

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