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Phone Boredom

Generation Z is also known as the iGeneration, which has started using the internet since a young age. This makes them proficient users of current technology and social media. 

 Even though teens have a full access to the technology today, they claim they feel very bored by it.

 A new type of boredom

 This case may sound a bit strange since we have lost those moments of daydreaming. In fact, it is quite difficult nowadays to be bored when our phone can entertain us while having free moments: Facebook, emails, Candy Crush Saga, etc. However, today’s teenagers are still feeling bored, which creates a new type of boredom: phone bored.

 Many of these teens and tweens are growing up with 4G internet, laptops, and social media. Well, basically with everything that earlier generations started to use much later in their lives. So, this boundless capability to occupy the attention and mind is so natural for gen Z that it became less tempting. They take it for granted, accordingly, their appreciation is lower.   

 Phone boredom is explained as mental boredom while person is still using his/her phone. It is expressed as a desperate search for something new and entertaining: endlessly clicking around, closing and opening apps, but all alternatives seem dull.   

 Interestingly, while externally these kids look busy with their phones, mentally they are bored out of their mind. In the past, people simply would be switching TV or radio channels, walking from one room to another or simply daydreaming. 

 Content boredom

 On average, people spend about four hours a day staring at a screen. Thus, the need to be engaged and excited by the phone all the time, is an addiction which ends up being a habit. 

 Additionally, tech companies reveal that most users are engaged while spending time on their phones: posting photos, liking, commenting, reading, or watching something proving that a person is not bored. So, it can be concluded, that even though it is a common state that occurs almost to every young phone owner, usually it is not the case.

 Finally, it is not the phone which is to be blamed, it’s the content. Social media helps to express oneself, and at the same time it creates trends to follow. This ends up in duplicated contents, similar images, and in a way it affects the diversity negatively. As gen G says: “It’s like, when you’ve seen everything there is to see in your Insta feed or on the internet. We see the same lip gloss, the same eyebrow style, the same meme like 14 times. It all gets old and then you get bored.”


“It’s like, when you’ve seen everything there is to see in your Insta feed or on the internet.”

 How to overcome phone boredom?

 The easiest way is simply to put the phone away and go out or start working with an offline project. However, in many cases it is not an option. When iGens identify phone boredom themselves, usually they try to stimulate their excitement by staying on their phones. These kids would text to their friends, come up with some odd, creative ideas. If frustration is eliminated, phone boredom has a potential to invent something new or improve an existing matter (finding new communities, useful website; creating art on phones like video, music and images with a help of infinite supply of apps). 


We could argue about the pros and cons of the smartphone, but we should acknowledge the fact that with evolution of technology boredom must be redefined, especially when we talk about the latest generations. Everyone can get bored, its just the circumstances then and now are different.


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