The OPod is Hong Kong’s New Housing Solution

Hong Kong

The OPod is Hong Kong’s New Housing SolutionHong Kong

Hong Kong is the world’s most expensive city for real estate for the last seven years.

According to the 2017 Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey, here’s why:

  • rising population
  • high demand for accommodation
  • skyrocketing property prices
  • land limited by the city  – all these will likely keep the prices sky high for some time.

Many of Hong Kong’s citizens live in squalid conditions or partition dwellings due to the lack of suitable homes available.

As such, local architect, James Law, designed a new micro-home he believes could help the city’s housing crisis and the OPod is an inexpensive alternative.

Recycling Concrete Water PipesHong Kong

The new OPod micro-home is anything but a typical flat. Actually, the 100-square-foot ‘tube homes’ made from concrete water pipes have all the amenities of a modern home.

For perspective, this about half the size of a standard 1 car garage. Moreover, inside each OPod one will find a mini fridge, microwave, sofa which folds into a bed and a bathroom with a shower.

City Permit Approval Pending

Currently these homes represent a prototype. However they will appear the market soon. Therefore, the architect already requested building permision from the city hall.

Unused urban space like a shipyard represent ideas  where these homes could be stacked. Each pipe weighs close to 22 tons. But, no bolts needed when stacking these tube homes which will keep installation costs low.

Tube Homes Could Fit into Small SpacesHong Kong

Each tube is only 2.5 metres wide. Moreover, it can be stacked up to four high with additional support and therefore could easily fit into narrow gaps.

Future relocation of a tube home will be made relatively easy as they can be lifted by a medium sized crane onto a long flatbed trailer.


Several alternative housing solutions have been proposed to the city. Moreover, interesting solutions for decent and affordable housing will continue to arise within this creative community.

Photos: James Law Cybertecture

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