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Everyone who works in an office knows the phenomenon: Every desk looks different. This one reveals a lot about a person’s character. And internationally, too, there are various differences.


Spectrum of desks

For a book project, 700 desks have been photographed worldwide and show clear significant characteristics.

It became quite clear that in Europe the desks are very tidy and almost empty. In Asia, on the other hand, they look colorful and are usually fully placed with different accessories.

Another interesting point: as higher the position within a company as bigger and cleaner are the desks.


Expat World open space officeVariances

The difference between women and men is often in the colours on the table. While in men the items are often grey, black or metallic, the women surround themselves with things in purple or pink. Round items as mousepads, pencil boxes and container are mostly at women desks.

It‘s not just about personal preferences. Between different countries you will recognize different settings and way of workings. From single to open plan offices over rotating systems and home offices – there is a huge range of how and where to work. If you go to offices in Germany they are often really quite and everyone seems to be very concentrated. In Stockholm it’s more an open space situation and in America people often work with office dividers and they look like small rooms.

Of course it always depends in what kind of business you are working. Call Center looks different than marketing agencies or finance departments.


Feel good atmosphereExpat at work

It is getting more and more modern to create a colourful surrounding for employees. Best examples are offices of google and facebook. You can sit and work at sofas, play table tennis or other games and enjoy healtyh (vegan) meals or meet in coffee shops within the company ground. Employees feel like home or meeting „friends“ and are wiling to work more than it is written in their contracts – because they feeling „welcome“.



If you move to another country and start a new job, it could be confusing in the beginning. Be open minded and dive in into new cultures and behaviours. As an expat, you get the chance to immerse yourself in other cultures and break your own patterns. And who knows, maybe you can also contribute your ideas. Higher diversity within a team means being more creative.



Dear Expat Worlds member:

Send us pics of your desk and let’s create a gallery from desks all over the world.


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