Why men and women process emotions differently

Men And Women Process Emotions Differently

In our society there is a strong stereotype that women are more emotional than man. However, new researches reveal that different gender brain process emotions differently.

Earlier studies reported that women have higher levels of emotional stimulation. The researches from the University of Basel explored the difference of emotion processing among genders. They claim that it is related with the diversity of gender-specific variation in memory and brain activity.

A case study

The team of researches created a particular test to learn if the way females process emotional information has an impact on better memory performance. The experiment contained 3,400 images with emotional content which were shown to participants. It disclosed that these images were more emotionally stimulating for women than men, especially when it comes to sensitive content and negative imagery. However, emotionally neutral images received similar feedback from both sex.

The second part of the experiment was related to memory. As it turned out, the respondents of the fair sex achieved better results in recalling more of the images comparing with the male participants. Moreover, women also strengthened their ability to capture the positive imagery. According to researches, these results are based on gender-dependent activity of brain mechanisms.

The fMRI data from 700 participants revealed that females react stronger to negative emotional images due to increased activity of motor regions of the brain. For this reason, the facial and motor reactions to negative emotional stimulants as well increase. It might lead to the conclusion that women are better at dealing with negative cases better than men. In addition, it shows that females are more prone to develop depression, anxiety or stress disorders.

sex-dependent emotional dysregulation

The red and yellow patches indicate patches of the brain that are more active when presented with stimuli ranked as highly emotionally stimulating. The green indicates regions that become more active in women only

The research can help deal better with sex-dependent emotional dysregulation and provide customized treatment options.

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