Meet other expats in our Meetingpoints
Meet other expats in our Meeting points

Help us choose ExpatsWorld Meeting points in every city

​We have a huge crowd of expats as members in many cities around the world. We have now decided to setup a meeting point in each of these cities, so you as expat know where to go to meet other expats when ever you like. Ask in the bar for the ExpatsWorld special offer and show your Membership Card. You can also find our ExpatsWorld Magazine in our Meetingpoints and this is where we organize weekly events to meet up.

Recommend a bar or restaurant you like to have as our Meeting point

Please fill in the form if you know a good expats owned bar or restaurant that we should make our Meetingpoint in your city. We like the venue to have English speaking staff and both restaurant and bar for all purposes. We look forward to your recommendation.


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