Do You Love Gin & Tonic? Research Suggests You Could Be A Psychopath

Gin & Tonic

A study done on 1,000 people by the Innsbruck University of Austria suggests that people who prefer bitter flavours in food and drink may have be more prone to psychopathic tendencies.

Signs of Machiavelliasnism, narcissism and sadism are found more often in those who like drinks like tonic and coffee.  Some swear by the refreshing taste of a cool gin & tonic while others can’t stand these flavours

Do You Like Bitter Flavours?

In the study they found that the people who liked bitter flavours were more likely to lack empathy, be double-sided, selfish and sadistic.

After the initial study, the experiment was repeated with another 500 people and this resulted in the same conclusion.

Bitter Flavours Can Be A Thrill...

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