What do Spaniards Find Surprising About Living in the UK?

Living In The UK

There are many British people living in Spain. And many of them have opinions – often contradictory – about daily life and work in the country. But we don’t stop to think of the reverse very often, if at all. So, what is it that Spaniards find surprising about living in the UK? Wearing long socks, carpeted rooms and potato crisps inside sandwiches are just some of the things Spaniards living in London have been perplexed about.

Almost a quarter of a million Spaniards living in the UK

There are 240,934 Spanish people currently living in the United Kingdom, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE). To obtain their impressions on UK life, two groups of London living Spanish expats on Facebook were surveyed. These groups have over 90,000 members and they were asked what surprised them most when they first arrived in London.

Here is what they said:

Carpets in bathrooms
That there are no persiana blinds!
The shape of the taps
Carpeted trains
Some people sit on the floor of their office to eat lunch
People drink alcohol or even eat sushi on the bus
The pubs are elegant compared to the 80s bars in Spain
People drink coffee with food, like while they have lunch or dinner
Beef tasting potato crisps
Potato crisp sandwiches
That they say “cheers” instead of thank you
Long socks! Up to the knees regardless if it’s summer, winter or a wedding
That they say “fair enough” to anything
Milk delivery trucks still exist
The funky music of the ice cream trucks
While they push you and elbow you they always say “sorry” very politely
That kids eat dinner at 4pm and go to sleep at 7pm
Most children go to school on a scooter
Rents are charged by the week instead of by the month

Vive la diference!


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