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Life In Canada

Living abroad is an extremely magnificent experience. It can teach an expat a lot. Not only about a new place, new culture and its people. It gives a lot of knowledge a lot about oneself, too. In a way, it helps to increase a self-awareness, mostly because the majority of human beings have to leave their comfort zone and build everything from the beginning in a new place.

In this article we will try to get to know what Canada can teach a newcomer.  

Nature is important 

Canada has an extremely wonderful nature. It has it all: mountains, volcanoes, prairies, oceans, rivers, lakes, Arctic tundra’s, glaciers, rain forests, deserts, islands, vineyards, valleys, ravines, cliffs, hills, pastoral land, etc. The wildlife is also extraordinary here.

Well, it’s second largest country in the world, so actually it has a great variety of everything. When it comes to daily life, human beings tend to spend their free time in nature. From the sport lover to theartist, everyone can appreciate the nature in different ways: hiking, jogging, skiing, painting or photographing, etc. It helps to rest from the cities and its noise, calms our heart and mind, refreshes. It is like a habit you obtain once there. 

Amended perception of distance 

Being a newcomer from a tiny country, Canada can look enormous. You wouldn’t hear someone saying that an hour drive by car is too long. Never! Canada reshapes the understanding of distance: people take planes to reach the other side of the country; they take cars to drive hundreds of miles to reach their suburban cottages. The understanding about “near” and “far” will never be the same again.

Smart, convenient and well-marked road infrastructure doesn’t let one get lost. Even driving is pleasurable since the landscape is varied and beautiful.

“Welcome to our country”

The Canadian flag is everywhere, you can find them easily, in many shops. In the beginning, many newcomers think that it is related with patriotism, which refers to immigrant-intolerance. However, it is the wrong insight because Canada is one of the most welcoming in and tolerant countries in the world. 

Manners do exist

In many countries, especially individualistic ones, people prefer to ignore those they don’t know rather than saying “hello” or somehow else making a new acquaintance. On the contrary, Canadians are warm and tend to greet each other instead of pretending that nobody else existsaround them. So, fellowship, honesty and politeness are common features of communication.  Afterall, Canadians are known as the most polite people on the planet. 

Differences are ok

Canada is full of immigrants, expatriates and temporary workers. The diversity is extremely great. The beauty of it lies in the natural acceptance: nobody needs to be ashamed or feel uncomfortable about their roots or native background. People are tolerant and makes you feel accepted no matter where you came from. And it is one of the best award that a foreigner can have – to be accepted and appreciated by its local environment. 

Many countries all over the world could learn something useful from this article and change in their behavior. We would have more peace and love around us. 

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