My Expats World | Idyllic Italian Islands Ban Plastic Cups, Plates and Utensils

From the beginning of this summer, plastic plates, cups, utensils and other packaging was made illegal on the Isole Tremiti, a chain of islands off Italy’s eastern coast.

Alarming levels of plastic

Alarming levels of plastic particles in the waters surrounding the archipelago were measured recently which is what inspired the new law. These islands lie within a protected marine reserve off the coast of Puglia.

Local mayor steps up

Antonio Fentini, the local mayor, proposed a solution of imposing fines of up to €500 on anyone (businesses or individuals) caught using plastic cups, plates or utensils on any of the archipelago’s three islands. People have been encouraged to change to using reusable or biodegradable picnicware.

Are plastic bottles next?


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