How to know if your dog is happy

Dog Is Happy

Like human beings, dogs have their personalities and character traits. They learn their preferences and create a specific approach to life which depends on many circumstances. Thus, knowing your dog better will help you understand his/her needs improves mutual relationships and makes your little friend happier.

Below you can see some the most common behaviour patterns of dogs. After reading this you might realise that the owner is mostly responsible for their mutual happiness and satisfaction.

Dogs like to possess objects

Dogs can’t appreciate the benefits of sharing as humans do. For this reason, they tend to possess objects and can negatively express the feeling of ownership like barking, growling or threatening with their teeth. If a dog is not taught to share, it is better not to risk touching one of their objects (a toy or a bone).

Dogs and humans have different displays of affection

Humans hug and kiss if they wan to show their love to someone. Dogs can’t do so since their physical structure is totally different. So, the owners should take into consideration that pets might feel uncomfortable or threatened when they show their affection in a similar way. Even patting dogs on the head can intimidate them.

Barking and growling dogs demand for more space

Barking and growling are the signs of the need for space. Space makes dogs feel safer. Of course, they have more subtle signs to show that, but dogs quite quickly learn that people ignore or don’t pay any attention to it. So, they tend to start with more rough means.

Dogs protect their territory

Like having a need to possess objects, accordingly the ownership of territory is also a common challenge. Dogs tend to defend what belongs to them. They don’t know that our invitees are temporary guests at home, so dogs assume they might never leave. For this reason, animals are trying to show the hierarchy and emphasize the local ground-rules.

Dogs like relaxing

Dogs like exercising, but no less do they enjoy sleeping and relaxing time. That will definitely make them happy and put them in a good mood.

A big yard cannot replace walks

The majority of dogs spend most of their time at home, some have yards, some don’t. And the possession of a plot is not so important as the social aspect. Dogs are social creatures; thus, they feel a need to meet other dogs, interact (both with their owners and other dogs) and discover new things, sensations. Moreover, the backyard is too familiar and too boring, sure it is better than nothing, but not each day.

growling or barking

Unconscious disobeying

Dogs can become distracted very easily and that leads to them ignoring our commands. Also, sometimes dogs can’t properly understand what we are asking for. Or they might be interested in something else so much that they can’t focus on their owners. For instance, a simple command like “sit” can be perfectly performed at home when the owner has a treat in his hand and nobody is intimidating the dog. Meanwhile, the same command with the same treat can be totally ignored in the park with all the activity around (people and fellow dogs). In general, our little buddies are not the best at focusing and concentrating all the time.

Barking, snapping, or lunging is an expression of anxiety that dogs are dealing with

Dogs show a delicate expression of concerns: become anxious, avoid eye contact with whatever is worrying them, lick their lips, brow furrows, lift a paw, tight muscles in their face, etc. If an owner doesn’t pay an attention to it, they will start using louder sounds and noises like growling or barking.

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