My Expats World | Climate change and laziness killed our genetic ancestors

Genetic Ancestors

What did affect their fate?

The latest archeological study at the Australian National University revealed that Homo erectus (“upright human”) might die because of being too chill. The lead researcher, Dr. Ceri Shipton, 

claims that their laziness is revealed by the way these archaic humans made their tools.

Dr. Shipton and his team were exploring some territory in Saudi Arabia, where they were focusing on stone axes made by Homo erectus. Interestingly, the excavation site proved that our genetic ancestors were simply choosing something that was lying nearby their camp instead of going further away to pick some better-quality rocks for their tools.

Their carefree perspective didn’t help them to survive during the climate change. When the rivers in the Arabian Peninsula dried up, Homo erectus didn’t react anyhow to the threat, simply because they didn’t have a habit to plan in advance. So, together with the water resources, our ancestors have vanished too. 

Early human

Homo erectus is an extinct species of archaic human that lived throughout most of the Pleistocene (often known as the Ice Age) geological epoch. Its earliest fossil evidence dates to 1.8 million years ago. (Wikipdedia) 

Even though, Homo erectus is described as a chill/careless creature, it still succeeded in achieving quite a lot. They had created the first stone axes, utilized fire to cook their food, left their drawings in shells and eventually they began developing a social system to take care of weak and old members of their tribe.

The study also proposes the insight that once early humans have found a nice place to settle, including an adequate food and water supply, they would stay there, disregarding the need to seek anything better. Moreover, it is believed that they knew that e.g. good-quality stones were further, but they didn’t bother to look for them. It seems comfort zone syndrome is common for any kind of human-beings.

This trait separates Homo erectus from other species of hominids, as Neanderthals and Homo sapiens both stepped outside their comfortable environment to explore the world.

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