Things That Make French Food Amazing

French Food

A lot of shade gets thrown at French for, frankly, being uncompromisingly French. Known for their underwhelming economy, and accused of nurturing a deeply held conviction of their superiority.

However, when it comes to popular French food, the French sense of entitlement sits comfortably on the solid ground.

French Gastronomy

French gastronomy is where many cuisines aspired to be. Revered at home, respected abroad, traditional French food holds an extraordinary and enduring place in the hearts of the French.

Whether it’s the fantastic flair the French demonstrate with all things pastry, their decadently rich sauces or their deep relationship with local cheese and wines , it’s easy to understand why our love affair with French food lasted.

French food is more...

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    Thanks for posting! French food always seemed so complicated to cook. On the other hand, it’s so full of different kinds of flavours. I like visiting different restaurants and then you can compare how people go about preparing everything. My latest discovery is I’m going to Paris this summer. Which casual dining restaurants could you recommend?

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