Fabulous Homes From Around the World

Fabulous Homes

Enjoy the stunning images of some of the most fabulous homes on the planet.   Each is a true testament to unique design and architecture and can stir up some serious house envy.

Flint House – Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom


  • Architect: Skene Catling de la Peña     Flint 2
  • Images courtesy of James Morris

Flint House was originally commissioned by the Rothschild family and was inspired by the flint found in the area surrounding the home. Clad in flint, the two wed-shaped buildings point away from each other.  Many crevasses and terraces create the unusual silhouette.  Known for its impeccable stone work and masonry this home has been applauded by many in the architectural world.

House Sperone – Novigrad, Croatia


  • Architect: Studio Metrocubo  Sperone 2
  • Images courtesy of Jan Stojkovic

Blending into the historic surroundings of Novigrad this house represents a perfect fusion of old and new.  The historic stone walls and other historic features were allowed to shine through while making all modern comforts available.  Natural materials were used in the interior to keep the décor simple and to reflect the surroundings.

Villa Kogelhof – Noord-Beveland, Netherlands


  • Architect: Paul de Ruiter
  • Images courtesy of Jeroen MuschKogelhof 2

This home is completely self-sufficient and leads the way in sustainable living.  Its’ glass walls help with insulation and solar panels provide all the energy required and more.  There is a 6 car garage underground and stunning 360 degree views above.  Surrounding the home 70,000 trees have been planted on land which was previously underused.

Teahouse Tetsu – Hokuto City, Japan


  • Architect: Terunobu Fujimori Teahouse 2
  • Images courtesy of Dana + LeRoy Bunward

Renowned for design of very unique structures,  architect Terunobu Fujimori lives up to his reputation with this house in the trees. Built around a cypress tree amidst cherry trees this incredible building can withstand earthquakes and storms due to the flexibility of the tree trunk.  Exterior beauty is the focus here so the interior remains simple so as not to detract.

Sharma Springs – Bali, Indonesia


  • Architect: Ibuku  Sharma 2
  • Images courtesy of Catriona Mitchell & Ibuku

Constructed with bamboo this luxury home has the strength-weight ratio of steel and of course is a renewable resource.  Sharma springs has 4 bedrooms and all rooms are open to the elements so one is immersed into the natural environment.  Ibuku is a design firm specializing in luxury bamboo structures.

The Dome House – Melbourne, Australia


  • Architect: McBride Charles Ryan  Dome 2
  • Images courtesy of McBride Charles Ryan

This eco friendly home began as a copper sphere within a garden. A large piece of the dome was removed to allow the garden to wind to the main entrance. The curved roof has a series of rainwater collection tanks and solar panels.  A truly unusual suburban home.

Croft House – Victoria, Australia


  • Architect: James Stockwell  Croft 2
  • Images courtesy of James Archibald

Located in an area where the elements are hostile much through the year this low lying home was designed to offer protection from  the wind, rain, sun and fire.  Zinc clad walls shield the building and a wood burning stove maintains the homes temperature efficiently.

Malbaie VIII – Quebec, Canada


  • Architect: MU Architecture  Malbaie 2
  • Images courtesy of MU Architecture

Inspiration was taken from the surrounding spruce forest and views of the St. Lawrence River when designing this home.  A dark grey metal and  stripped back wood exterior represents peeled back tree bark.  This chalet pays homage to wood both in and out.

Edgeland House – Austin, Texas


  • Architect: Bercy Chen Studio  Edgeland 2
  • Images courtesy of Paul Bardagjy

Designed to ‘heal the land’ on a site where there was many years of industrial misuse, the architects of this project did just that.  Inspiration was taken from the Native American pit house which were shelters sunken into the ground to offer protection.

ARCA – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • Architect: Atelier Marko Brajovic
  • Images courtesy of Victor Affaro

Hidden deep in the forest, this home is built from a single shell of composite carbon steel, zinc and aluminium allowing the home to be mobile with only minimal impact on the forest.  Unobstructed views are available through the space which includes 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and living area.

Leobo Private Reserve – Limpopo, South Africa


  • Architect: Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens  Leobo 2
  • Images courtesy of  Trendir

Located within a 12,000 acre private reserve and with no expense spared, this is one of the world’s most sought after safari lodges.  Guests can admire the stars at the private world-class observatory at night and during the day can swim in the infinity pool.  Although a private property Leobo Private Reserve is also available for rent periodically.

Villa Suluwilo – Vamizi Island, Mozambique


  • Architect: COA  Suluwilo 2
  • Images courtesy of Chris Coldicott

Located on an exclusive island off the coast of Mozambique Villa Suluwilo can be recognized by it’s ‘dhow sail’ roofs, inspired by the Arab boats with the same name which were common to the area in the 15th century.  Sea breezes flow through the home keeping it cool even on the hottest days.





Source: Amara; https://www.amara.com/luxpad/dream-houses/


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