Expats in Switzerland: where do they belong?

Expats in Switzerland

Even though everyone is different, it is still possible to sort people into groups regarding their attitude to a specific matter. Expatriates in Switzerland are not an exception: they can be grouped to the tribes due to their experience and viewpoint of living abroad.

Here is the variety of Switzerland’s expat tribes.

The love refugee

They can’t even properly explain how everything happened and how they found themselves living here: working on their residence permit, as locals kissing other on the cheek three times when they meet them. They became extremely punctual and no longer notice the church bells, which ring all the time.

The taxpat

People chose this place because it is easy to park some money here. However, the situation has changed over the years, but Switzerland still stays a reliable and safe money market. Additionally, it feels quite good to be in a country where almost everyone is kind of rich.

The trailing spouse

Everything seems good, but there is something that blocks  total satisfaction. It often seems that the efforts are not returned, especially when it comes to the job market, childcare and living standards.

The celebrity expat

A discreet environment and prudent approach is all the rich and famous are looking for. This is why Switzerland is appealing to famous people, who can protect their identity and feel like ordinary mortals.

The corporate expat

Most corporate expats are located in Zurich currently. After successful performances in other international business capitals, they have found their chances here or were sent/invited because of suitable recommendations.  The only one thing that intimidates them the most is the inability to save a proper amount of money when earning a generous salary.

The ski teacher

Skiing in winter, hiking is summer, climbing, canyoning or cycling – it is a paradise for active leisure time lovers.

Switzerland is a no-brainer. There’s skiing in winter, hiking in summer and climbing whenever – not to mention the canyoning, paragliding and mountain biking. You’re not happy unless you’ve got a car full of snowboarding equipment and a tent hanging out to dry on the balcony of your chalet.

The researcher

Usually these are IT gurus and technology & innovation freaks (only in an admirable way!), who stand for the quality of science. Even Albert Einstein understood the potential here.

The NGO expat

Everyone heard about the Swiss standards when it comes to subsidies. Those who are receiving something feel blessed enough to pay it back in the best manner they can: joining nongovernment organizations to contribute to a mutual change for the better.

Did you recognize yourself in one of these tribes? Or maybe we forgot something? Let us know in the comment section below!

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