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We would love to invite you to enjoy reading this magazine online, created for expats by expats. You can follow our daily updated newsblog, subscribe to our newsletters, check our international and local Facebook groups and pages. Moreover, we have webTV, and you can contact us with all kinds of questions and requests for assistance around the world.

General Trends

We see a high concentration of connected people in Europe, Asia and North America. In addition, we are now pro-actively starting to connect with people and companies to grow our community in Latin & South America, Africa and China.

Did you know that there are now over 500 metropolitan areas in the world with over 1 million population? Therefore, these are the cities we are aiming to grow. In these cities we strive to grow stronger with our online presence, news flow and events.

As always, we manage to give all of our followers super services for free. We are able to do this thanks to many small and large companies supporting us as sponsors and advertisers.


Welcome to another exciting issue of MyExpatsWorld Magazine. Continue learning about cultural differences and business customs from around the world. Know why more and more young talent moves overseas and what skill shortages we suffer in today’s world. Check the tips how to manage international teams. Get to know 10 most popular languages in the world. In the series of famous expat, discover why Arnold Schwarzenegger left his home country. Moreover, explore the most iconic American food and brush up on how to promote well-being for globally mobile employees. In addition, there are many more great topics to discover for everyone’s interest!


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