Expat Interview- Working mum Nathalie in Spain – Mallorca

We visited Nathalie some day’s ago for an Expat interview. She lives in Paguera, Mallorca. Nathalie is a working mum, own’s a fishness spa in the Southwest of Mallorca and told us her story as an expat.

Nathalie , why do you live in Mallorca? Why is Spain so special for you?

I live in Mallorca for 15 years now. Today I’m 38 years old and I am a single mother of a three-years-old little lady. Originally I am from the black forest (“Schwarzwald”) in Germany.

I hate snow and that was one of the reasons to leave Germany and move to Spain.

You are a business owner since 9 years in Mallorca. What are the challenges of buidling  a business...

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