Eiffel Tower: Find 10 Differences

Eiffel Tower

If you need to compare two random images with Eiffel tower, would you be able to separate which one is the real one? Take a look at some pictures below and make your own judgement.

Find 10 Differences
Credit: François Prost

No, it is not a Photoshop effect. And maybe we are wrong to call the other one a fake one. Maybe we should call it a distant cousin instead.

How it came into being?

The city of Tianducheng, that belongs to China, has a replica of the Eiffel tower. Nevertheless, it is a third copy of the original size in the world. Well, the French can feel proud of this extraordinary monument, as not so many masterpieces own such big worldwide attention!

The Paris-based artist, François Prost, decided to make a project called Paris Syndrome. It presents a photographic series of iconic places in France compared with specific places in China. Moreover, since the city appeared on the map in 2007, and it is promoting itself as a luxury space for real estate development. As such, the city of Tianducheng maintains Parisian-style buildings facades, and has an extensive park, which drew inspiration from Versailles.

France China
Credit: François Prost

“Once you are in China, Paris will be closer than you think”

Much more, China has many replicas of famous French monuments like the Mona Lisa, the fountain of Apollo and even a portrait of King Louis XIV. And probably many more that were’t mentioned in this post.

This could be interpreted as the lack of creativity, but we cannot judge. It is better to have high-quality art closer rather than suffer its absence or experience, low standards and bad taste. Eventually, over the centuries, the French earned the world-wide recognition for their brilliant taste in everything. So, why not to borrow some great ideas from those who admire classic beauty. Sharing is caring, folks!

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