Don’t Wash Your Jeans, Ever


Here’s some good news if you hate doing laundry. Chip Bergh, CEO of Levi’s says he washes his jeans about once a year and no one should do it more if they would like to keep their denim in top shape. It may sound disgusting but can be done. Read on…

Clean Your Jeans the Old-Fashioned Way

How to take care of your jeans in the best way has been a debate for decades. In the lifetime of a pair of jeans (from growing cotton, to washing and to the landfill) approximately 3,500 liters of water is used. And that is only with 2 years of use and washing jeans only once a week. This equals about 6,700 glasses of water. 46% of this water consumed happens after the purchase, at home. When it does come time to wash your favourite pair, do it the old-fashioned way and hand wash them and hang them out to dry.

Preserve Your Denim

Experts say that spot cleaning is all that’s required on a regular basis and the fewer the washes, the better. Washing denim breaks down the dye process which makes them fade quickly. Vinegar (about 1 cup) should be added to the wash when washing your new jeans for the first time. This will help preserve the dye.

What Should You Do When Your Jeans Start to Smell?

It seems that most bacteria collected on our jeans is harmless, according to a study done by The University of Alberta. Most jean companies suggest putting your jeans into the freezer overnight which kill bacteria and odour.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Aside from keeping our favourite pair of dungarees looking their best for as long as possible, cutting back on laundry also reduces carbon footprint. Maybe it’s something to consider with other articles of clothing and think twice before throwing our once-worn shirt into the hamper.

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