Does office work make you fat?

Does Office Work Make You Fat

An average calculation shows that people in America spend 90 percent of their time indoors, and total of 17 hours is dedicated to outdoor activities. Office work can affect your waistline and there are many workplace consequences why.

Lack of natural light disrupts our hormones

The explanation comes from the natural transition of lights during the day. At sunrise, the blue light gives you an energy for the daily tasks because it reacts with the cortisol. Meanwhile, at sunset blue light is alternated with a red one, which activates sleep hormones.

Most of the offices have blue lightning, which is good for productivity, but since the strength isn’t adopted to this natural transition throughout the day, the understanding about when it is time to relax is distorted. Moreover, at home we are not tending to help ourselves neither:  our cell phones, computers and television produce blue light. In this case it is important to be aware that red light helps to fall and stay asleep.

Lack of sleep

Complications come when we sleep less than five or six hours per day. It disrupts our hunger hormones. While the brain is active, it encourages your hunger hormones to request some food. Unfortunately, it makes sense since you need to get some energy from somewhere else if not from sleeping. Moreover, one of these hormones leans on a need of carbohydrates and another one keeps you from feeling full. It sounds like a worst possible combination.

Sitting closer to a window, having short brakes outside under natural light, closing all your devices one hour before the bed time should improve the situation. Also, don’t forget to give some deserved extra hours of sleep to yourself.

The cortisol level is affected by stress

This hormone controls wakefulness and maintains our ability to cope with the stress. Even though cortisol is necessary for energy, an excessive amount isn’t healthy.

Higher than a normal level of cortisol causes weight-gain. Since in the most cases we keep the stress inside of us which means we don’t release an extra energy that was created. For this reason, it is stored as fats, and usually in the belly area. Moreover, stress creates a preference for fat and sugary products.

Include any kind of exercise in your daily routine. You don’t need to become a gym guru, it is enough to do simple things like taking the stairs, choose sit-stand desks, go home on foot or go for a walk. Suitable lightning, music, or artwork can also help reduce stress.

High-calorie snacking is a result of imbalance in hormones

Our food choices depend on many factors. And hormone-induced hunger leads to unhealthy options. A good rest, physical activity, time outside in the sun can decrease cravings for high-calorie snacks.

To point it out

Indeed, office work can make us fat, but at the same time it is our choice too. Sleeplessness, stress, and hormone-induced snacking affect our weight unfavorably, but being aware we can reduce the consequences caused by time spent inside. The integration of wellness strategies into the workplace can improve ones well-being and performance.

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