New York’s most iconic dishes

New York’s most iconic dishes

New York has a variety of mouth-watering dishes that you can’t resist.

The cuisines of New York City includes cuisines belonging to various ethnic groups. This City of foodies introduces over 12,000 bodegas, groceries, and delis which are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Let’s look at some popular dishes in New York City.

Di Fara PizzaNew York's most iconic dishes

The signature pizza at Di Fara is considered as one of the best pizzas in New York City. Each pizza pie is handmade by DeMarco, and are topped with a three cheese blend, a thin layer of olive oil, and snips of fresh basil.

Fried Chicken

Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken serves up tender, crispy chicken cooked in a cast-iron

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