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We are happy, you want to be one of our guest blogger team member. To make the most out of it, you should stick to the guidelines below. We plan your articles in a specific order on daily basis in such a way that no articles overlap.


Which guest articles will be published?

In terms of content, we are not restricting you. The only important thing is that the content is interesting for our members and is also thematically relevant. Best is, you ask yourself if you’d publish the article on your own blog like that. Thematically, for example, articles about:


Expat relevant topics:

– How to start living in a new place- Impact of living abroad- Study abroad- Work abroad

– Guidance topics

Specific city relevant topics:

– Guide for living in…- Things to do/ to see in…- Processes of immigration- Healthcare- Education- Schools



We are aiming for “unique” and content valuable articles. You can include a link in the intro line and one with the text. It should be SEO-technically optimized. Make sure, you are the owner of used images. If you upload your image, you agree, ExpatsWorld is allowed to publish your picture and got the free license. Our License Agreement is embeded in our Terms of use. Please share the blog post on your Facebook and /or Instagram channels and link to our webpage. Of course, we will do, too – so lets cooperate and benefit from each other.


How do I deliver my guest article?

Please upload your article and all necessary details below in our template. You can just fill in plain text or use following easy formatting codes to highlight headlines and to add a link:# Heading## Subheading### Sub-Subheading

Create hyperlinks in the text with the format [text to link](http://websiteurl)

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