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Sat 14 March 2020 10:00 - 18:30
Price: Free
City: Barcelona
Category: Business

So, you moved to Barcelona. Now what?

Knowing what to do with our professional life is one of the great questions we face at different times in our life, when we notice that a stage is closed and it is time to take a step forward. But many times we don’t know where or how. Not only that, we also have to make decisions about it without having a lot of information, in a world that changes very, very fast.

Add to that the fact that you are in a different country!

In this session I will explain how to apply design thinking to achieve it.

Think about it, If to design a simple object a designer needs to build many, many prototypes, why do we think we can reach a fulfilling worklife on the first go, without trial and error?

Give yourself a day to dig into the mindset and the stages of the design process.

1. Build the compass that will help you navigate towards a fulfilling future

2. Ideate different futures

3. Build your first prototype

Why should you spend a Saturday in this workshop?


you will learn to look at your worklife in a completely different way,

you will get rid of those dysfunctional beliefs that get between you and a meaningful worklife,

you will actually design a future for yourself and prototype it

And who am I?

I am Eugenia, founder of UP!

Throughout my life I have asked myself several times “what do I want to be when I grow up” and fortunately I have been able to enjoy a few professional lives, sometimes forced, sometimes by choice, here and also abroad. I have a computer engineer degree and I started my career in Ireland working for large companies such as Microsoft moving then to technology startups. Then I reinvented myself and got a job in Marketing in a FMCG multinational until the itch for social impact knocked on my door, I got off the corporate train and founded a small NGO. 3 years later I founded UP! Training Club.

Up! Training Club

Our mission is to help the brave people of Barcelona (unwilling to settle) find a fulfilling worklife.

We know this isn’t an easy or quick change. It is not about the tutorials you watch or the gurus you follow, and not just about building a business plan or updating your CV. It is about knowing yourself and what you want, about how you solve the issues you encounter day to day, about building the attitude to pick yourself up after you fall and about radical collaboration.

Up! Training Club is the first training club in Barcelona where you can train, at your own pace, all those “muscles” involved in getting your worklife in shape, a space, method and community to get inspired and motivated, to experiment and challenge yourself and to get the skills and attitude you need to GET or CREATE that job that you will love (that future you want for yourself).

NOTE: Snacks and lunch will be provided


Up Training club

136 Carrer dels Enamorats

08026 Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain


Phone: +34639942307



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