Cheese Heists & Oyster Raids: Gourmet Thieves in France

Gourmet Thieves in France

France is fighting back against a new wave of pillagers. These thieves are after gastronomic delights including oysters, cheese and fine wine and they are hard to stop. These gourmet French thieves seem to have an appetite for local famed delicacies.

Gourmet Thieves in France

Oysters Stolen at Sea

Last December, 800 kilos of oysters stolen from sea farm in western France. Oysters are a Christmas and New Year’s dinner staple in many French homes and restaurants. The estimated loss from the theft was €35,000.

Gourmet Thieves in France

Fine Wines are in Demand on the Black Market

Thieves are after fine French wines. The Paris catacombs were used to reach a wine cellar last August. More than €250,000 worth of top quality alcohol was stolen.

Back in August...

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