Emigrating with children

What to consider when emigrating with children

Many people wish to move to another country to pursue careers and build a new life for themselves. Everyone makes this decision for themselves individually. However, if you live in a partnership or ha...

TOP 5 Beaches of the world

Worldwide TOP 5 beaches

Tripadvisor has evaluated the testimonials of millions of holidaymakers and determined the world’s most popular beaches. Tripadvisor is a portal where hotels and activities around the world can ...

vegan expat

5 best countries for vegans and vegetarians

When it comes to stays abroad and trips, most people are especially looking forward to the food. For vegetarians and vegans, a trip abroad can mean that you should stick to the side dishes before find...

Bilingual life

  What does it mean to raise kids bilingual or maybe multilingual? From an expat point of view you are often confrontated to fell the right decision – for you and your kids. But sometimes the easiest ...

Mother’s Day in Spain & Portugal

♥️ Today, 5th of May, Spain & Portugal are honouring all mothers ♥️ It’s a day to say “Thank you” for everything they do for their kids and families. Everything that sometimes se...

Air Pollution
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