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Remarkable Easter Traditions from Around the World

Easter is just a week ahead and lots of expats will  travel home to their families to spend some time together. Easter, in the USA, means church services, Easter egg hunts, and baskets filled with can...

Expat in Japan

Are you an Expat struggling with Culture Shock?

Joseph Shaules, an expert in cultural psychology gives an insight into the anxieties new arrivals have to deal with, and what causes them. Why is it that emotionally healthy and intelligent people in ...

Expat families

Citizens of nowhere: Third Culture Kids

With globalization increasing, and workers moving from one country to the next, where do expat children call home? When kids arrive at the end of their time at Garden International School in Kuala Lum...

Students and expats living abroad. Expats World

What do students and expats have in common?

The excitement of a new town, the fear of being alone, a built-in community and to be able to reinvent yourself. Most people will experience life changes at this level only once—when they go away to c...

Trying to Find a Job Abroad? Expats Who Found Work Tell Everything

Trying to find work abroad can be a stressful challenge, requiring a strategic approach and a good dose of self-confidence. The landscape changes much more when the search is conducted in another coun...

Traveling will give you a more Valuable Learning Experience than Years spent in a Classroom

During the years in school, you learn more and faster and are more influenced by your environment than you ever will be in any other period of your life. Those valuable years are the time to take in a...

Age and Travel Habits

New research shows your age is likely to determine your travel style and habits. Although it may not seem a ground-breaking conclusion, the exact information that travel companies get from the results...

Tips To Find a Healthy Work-Life Balance

It’s very important for your mental and physical well-being to make sure you get some much-needed you-time.

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