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Take a sabbatical!

The only thing to fear is fear itself It is definitely true to say that in case my life had continued “normally”… I may not have seen the places that I have visited recently, nor written my book...

Expat life in Stockholm

What living in Stockholm is like for an expat

Jane is American and lives in Stockholm with her partner Josh. She is working as a freelance writer, Etsy shop owner and blogger. Today Jane will share her story about the ups and downs of her expat l...

Students and expats living abroad. Expats World

What do students and expats have in common?

The excitement of a new town, the fear of being alone, a built-in community and to be able to reinvent yourself. Most people will experience life changes at this level only once—when they go away to c...

Foreigners Habits
Food Waste Reduction
Eastern Vs Western Medicine
Living In The UK
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