Expat Life

Expat in Kuala Lumpur

What living in Kuala Lumpur is like for an expat

Miriam and her husband made the decision to take a leap of faith to live the life of travel they’ve always wanted. After quitting their jobs to travel and work online, their first adventure started in...

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Take a sabbatical!

The only thing to fear is fear itself It is definitely true to say that in case my life had continued “normally”… I may not have seen the places that I have visited recently, nor written my book...

Expat life in Stockholm

What living in Stockholm is like for an expat

Jane is American and lives in Stockholm with her partner Josh. She is working as a freelance writer, Etsy shop owner and blogger. Today Jane will share her story about the ups and downs of her expat l...

Expat take care of the world

Earth Fair Barcelona – 2 Day Eco-festival – Sat 13 & Sunday 14 April 2019

What is your effort to save the world? E.g. avoid plastic or do you go by bike instead of using the car? This weekend you can join the Earth Fair Barcelona in Barcelona – great opportunity to me...

Expat in Barcelona. Living in Barcelona Barcelona

The pros and cons of expatriate life in Barcelona

A popular location for expats of all kinds. Barcelona is often quoted as one the most desirable towns in Europe to live. We have collected some pros and cons of the city from the perspective of an exp...

Expat in Japan

Are you an Expat struggling with Culture Shock?

Joseph Shaules, an expert in cultural psychology gives an insight into the anxieties new arrivals have to deal with, and what causes them. Why is it that emotionally healthy and intelligent people in ...

Expat families

Citizens of nowhere: Third Culture Kids

With globalization increasing, and workers moving from one country to the next, where do expat children call home? When kids arrive at the end of their time at Garden International School in Kuala Lum...

What Expats Need to Know Before Returning Home

Expats will have to be prepared for a period of transition when going back to their country of birth

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