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Take a sabbatical!

The only thing to fear is fear itself It is definitely true to say that in case my life had continued “normally”… I may not have seen the places that I have visited recently, nor written my book...

Remarkable Easter Traditions from Around the World

Easter is just a week ahead and lots of expats will  travel home to their families to spend some time together. Easter, in the USA, means church services, Easter egg hunts, and baskets filled with can...

Expat take care of the world

Earth Fair Barcelona – 2 Day Eco-festival – Sat 13 & Sunday 14 April 2019

What is your effort to save the world? E.g. avoid plastic or do you go by bike instead of using the car? This weekend you can join the Earth Fair Barcelona in Barcelona – great opportunity to me...

Expat in Barcelona. Living in Barcelona Barcelona

The pros and cons of expatriate life in Barcelona

A popular location for expats of all kinds. Barcelona is often quoted as one the most desirable towns in Europe to live. We have collected some pros and cons of the city from the perspective of an exp...

How to Make a Global Team Work Effectively

When a global team is working well, each person sees the benefit personally and professionally, and businesses are able to be more competitive in new markets.

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