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Challenges for an Expat partner

Expat Life – Challenges for an Expat partner

Unlike when you move to a new country for yourself, one of the biggest challenges in going as a partner is that you are not following your career path of choice. Living abroad is already new and u...

expats world job

Expat Job – Which jobs are in great demand?

If you plan to move abroad, you will ask yourself if you will find a new job in your new country or city. Today we want to show you most frequented profiles. In principle, anyone can apply for an appr...

reasons emigrate

Expats World Info – Why people want to emigrate? TOP 5

Why emigrate? There’s always a reason for emigration. Here we would like to briefly explain the reasons that lead someone to emigrate: Why do people emigrate? In our experience, there are five d...

life expectancy 2019

Expats World – Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy in 2019 – TOP 10

The List about life expectancy is based on data provided by the World Economic Forum. More than 141 million babies will be born in 2019: around 73 million boys and 68 million girls. So lets have a loo...

To be an expat

Expat Life: Are you a type of person to be an expat?

Not every person is made for emigration. Everyone who emigrated agrees on this. Lets have a look what five prerequisites you should bring with you.   1. Flexibility Flexibility is probably the mo...

Expats Interview Animator in mallorca

Expat Interview – Working in Tourism in Mallorca – Spain

Live and work where others enjoy their holiday. A dream for a lot of people. Many people dare to emigrate, but many do not, for fear of uncertainty. It can go well or wrong, there is never a guarantee...

unsolicited application

Expat Job – How to write an unsolicited application in english

If you want to apply in English-speaking countries, you need to know that about 70-80 percent of the positions are awarded undercover. This means that these jobs are not publicly advertised at all. On...

Food Experiences
career braek expats career

Expat Career – How to Take a Career Break and Pursue Your Passions

It almost sounds like a dirty word but ironically, people who take career breaks often end up happier than ever. Career breaks or sabbaticals are uncommon in American culture but gap years and taking ...

Expat Family Montessori

Expat Family: School system ‘Montessori’

Dear expat community, last Sunday we promised to present you some school systems, which are known round the globe. So lets have a look at differences and special orientations. Of course we are not ...

Foreigners Habits
jobs where to travel

Expat Job: 5 Jobs where you travel a lot

How many times have we watched other people on holiday and thought that these people have true dream professions. They work where others go on holiday. In their free time, they enjoy life in the dista...

Getting married abroad

Expat Love: Getting Married Abroad

Two weeks ago Sima and Matthias told us their Expat Love love story. Some of you asked us to write a blog post about getting married abroad. So we did some research and want to give you an insight. Le...

travel round the world ticket

Round-the-world-trip – one ticket for your journey

A Around The World flight ticket is a great option for traveler and backpacker who want to see as much of the world as possible. They allow the ticket holder to travel around the globe once within a y...

Move abraod Tipps for living in a new home

Expat life: How to settle in a new country – 5 tips

Successfully accustoming to the new life in a foreign country is a task that should not be underestimated. Those who move abroad as expat face many challenges. You have to get used to living far from ...

Emigrating with children

Expat Family: What to consider when emigrating with children

Many people wish to move to another country to pursue careers and build a new life for themselves. Everyone makes this decision for themselves individually. However, if you live in a partnership or ha...

TOP 5 Beaches of the world

Worldwide TOP 5 beaches

Tripadvisor has evaluated the testimonials of millions of holidaymakers and determined the world’s most popular beaches. Tripadvisor is a portal where hotels and activities around the world can ...

Expats World Top Restaurants
Expat Interview

Expat Story: How to pursue your passion without quitting your day job

Today Federica is telling her story. She is an Expat, lives in Barcelona, and is addicted to art.   A little background: I come from a small town in the south of Italy, called Trani, on the Adria...

vegan expat

5 best countries for vegans and vegetarians

When it comes to stays abroad and trips, most people are especially looking forward to the food. For vegetarians and vegans, a trip abroad can mean that you should stick to the side dishes before find...

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