How to Behave Like a Local in Manila

Local in Manila

Moving to Manila may be intimidating for anyone, but it doesn’t have to be. From acting like a shark in theatres, pointing with your lips, these tips will help you fake it until you feel completely immersed in local society. Pretty soon people will be calling you “Chip” or “Te.”  Find out how to behave like a local in Manila with these tips.

How to Talk to Strangers

Address men as “Boss,” “Chip” (chief), “Kuya” (Tagalog for older brother), “Pogi” (handsome) or “Pare.” When speaking with women, call them “Miss.” But replace the short “i” with a long one, so that it sounds like “Meees.” If that doesn’t roll off your tongue, then you can call women “Te” which is Tagalog...

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    I have lived in the Philippines for 20 years now. Be very careful, if you ever relax and feel like you’re a local, thats when they pounce. They make it hard to get in and harder to get out. The wife is in jail for a crime she is totally innocent of and still going through bi monthly court hearings after 2.5 years. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to move to the Philippines, Filipinos are getting out in their droves, that should tell you about the place.
    I could write a book about why you shouldn’t but people will still come but welcome to get more info if you want the reality.

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