Age and Travel Habits

New research shows your age is likely to determine your travel style and habits.

Although it may not seem a ground-breaking conclusion, the exact information that travel companies get from the results can determine the kind of advertising that you see as you plan to travel.

the research concluded for example that Generation Z (in this case, people born in 1994 or after) is the most adventurous age group. They are not just the most likely to choose an international destination for a holiday, they’re more likely to choose alternative accommodations as well, like a campsite or home share.

However, that adventurous spirit doesn’t show in finances: Generation Z is people most likely to stick to a budget (this is probably the case because they’re younger and have less money to spend).

Millennials (age 24 to 35) are the most likely to select an all-inclusive holiday so they don’t have to plan anything. They are the most likely to choose to spend their time on holiday outside as well. This is a generation particularly targeted by companies since they’ve self-reported that they’re the most affected by advertisements.

Older travelers are a lot more resistant to ads. Baby Boomers travel most of the time to visit friends or family and often already have a destination in mind before they even start to plan a trip. At the same time, they’re the least resistant to budget restrictions.

Travel companies will, instead of trying to lure Baby Boomers to new destinations with social media, try to push an upgrade in travel class or in accommodation

People that belong to Generation X (ages 36 to 55) travel the least of all groups, so marketers have to be strategic when trying to grab their vacation days. Generation X cares very much about getting a good deal, but they’ll spend the most on their hotel. They read reviews as well and will research before making a final booking.

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