• Dr. Elizabeth Frei, Ph.D. – English Speaking Psychologist

    I am a therapist and licensed clinical psychologist from the United States. In addition, the Swiss government has recognized my credentials and I can operate as a Psychologist FSP (which permits reimbursement by some health insurance plans). I have extensive training and experience helping adults, adolescents, and couples to work on problems in their lives, cope with difficult situations, and effectively use available resources. In Read more [...]

  • Sam Nabil Counseling Services

    Marriage Counseling, Therapy and Life Coaching Hi, I’m Sam Nabil, Founder of Sam Nabil Counseling Services. I am a therapist , Marriage Counselor and Life Coach. In my practice, my colleagues and myself provide Marriage Counseling, Therapy & Life Coaching for adults experiencing relationship challenges, life transitions, and anxiety. Our services are provided from my five office locations in Cincinnati Read more [...]

  • Naya Clinics

    Hi, I’m Sam, founder of Naya Clinics. I spent 20+ years studying and working with human behavior, human performance, and organizational behavior. I lived, studied and worked in half a dozen countries around the world and my work experience spans varying industries and disciplines from counseling and business to marketing and sports. It is this diverse and multi cultural work Read more [...]

  • Video Counsellor – Louise Halling

    What is counselling?  Counselling (sometimes called ‘therapy’ or ‘psychotherapy’) is a unique, one-to-one relationship between two people who agree to meet privately and regularly (in this case via video call) for a period of time with the aim of restoring emotional well-being to the client. There are many different reasons why a person might seek help through counselling. For some, Read more [...]

  • Life Psychological Counseling Centre

    LIFE Psychological Counseling Center is located in the center of Dubai, JLT and it provides all types of psychological counseling. Our mission is to empower disadvantaged individuals, families, and youths to take control of their destiny and function productively by providing them with the necessary skills to realize their dreams, through counseling, education, social skills training, motivation, and participating in Read more [...]

  • Transitions Therapy

    Psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and consulting services for expatriate and repatriate individuals, couples, families and adolescents At Transitions we understand how expatriate and repatriate clients often have unique and sometimes complex experiences. It can be beneficial for expats and repats to receive support from someone who understands personally and professionally what it is like to experience being an expatriate or a Read more [...]

  • Valley Psych

    Good mental health is essential to overall health & well being. Sometimes talking to a professional may make all the difference. Valley Psychological Services offers psychological and psychiatric services with the expertise of clinical psychologists, counselors and psychiatrists specialized in adult and child cases. An array of professional tests and measurements are utilized to assess and scientifically diagnose problems and Read more [...]

  • Joyce Hue Mind Therapy

    Goulding SleepTalk Process for Children // Clinical Hypnotherapy // Counselling // Emotional Freedom Technique // Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing // Smoking Cessation Therapy   Do your children face adjustment issues? Moving from one country to another must not be an easy feat to tackle, especially for children and teenagers. Many children will often face adjustment issues as moving to Read more [...]