8 worldwide facts from the 2018 report

Worldwide Facts

These facts are taken from the 2018 best countries ranking report. The survey, based on more than 21,000 people’s opinions, reveals the worldwide condition of global affairs.

 1.     The common view about the general situation of the world seems quite somber. 57% of respondents think that the world became less of a nicer place in the last year. A third of them do believe that it’s safe. And around 70% of people assume that the world’s economy is declining, despite the country, reports say.

2.     Over 60% of respondents count more on private companies rather than governmental ones. Moreover, at least three-quarter claims that the internet impacts them to act like a global citizen.

3.     Switzerland is recognized as the best country to live in (the second year in a row) and as a place which ensures the most business-friendly environment. In addition it ranks high for it’s views on human rights and economic costs.

4.     In today’s world, human rights and related issues receive a lot of public attention. For this reason, citizens would like to see their national leaders as ingenious and compassionate individuals. 81% of surveyed participants believe that these features describe a suitable leader, who can impact positive changes. Additionally, 75% believe that gender equality determines economic stability and a nation’s satisfaction.

5.     Even though 90% of the world is against gender inequality, more than 70% still believes that the roles of women and men are important to properly running a civilization. So, under 50% of surveyed people all around the world believe that females face the same rights as males.

6.     The top 5 of the most powerful countries are the USA (no.1), then Russia, China, Germany and UK. The ranking is built on these categories: the leader of the country, how economically influential it is, how politically influential is, strong alliances internationally, and strong military alliances.

7.     However, the majority of world’s population don’t acknowledge this kind of power. 58% disapprove of the U.S. president D.Trump and 44% disapprove of Russian leader V.Putin. The highest approval for political leadership stays with Canadian leader J.Trudeau and Germany’s A.Merkel.

8.     This year’s report shows that the world became a bit less supportive to immigration: the number dropped by 10%. Only 54% of global respondents think that their country should be open to immigration. The attitude of Swedish citizens seems as the least supportive in this sense.

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