7 Ways to Improve Self-Discipline… Even When You’re Drained

Life always puts us into situations when self-discipline is necessary. You may have grown up completely carefree or with high levels of discipline but here are 7 ways to improve self-discipline even when you’re drained.

Disciplined People Are Happier

According to a study at the University of Chicago, those people with well-developed self-discipline are generally happier. For those of us who need a little extra help can try these tips to improve self-discipline.

1.Mindful meditation

Many of us can become overwhelmed when too many things pile up. When you realize this you can use that awareness to transform that feeling into clarity. You can find inner calm in the biggest moments of chaos.

Take a few moments to step away from emails, ringing telephones and break through the daily pile up of everything which creates stress.

If mindful meditation is new for you it may take some time to adjust to the practice at the beginning. Once it becomes a daily habit you’ll be surprised how invigorating it can feel. You may not need that 2 week vacation in the Caribbean to relax afterall.

2.Think in milestones

Consider self-discipline as an opportunity to grow, rather than a character flaw. It can be the basis of a great personal challenge which can be enjoyed.

Start with the most difficult tasks first. These require more discipline and energy. Set a detailed timetable with small milestones.

Taking on smaller tasks one by one is easier for our brains to process. Larger tasks may seem enormous and overwhelming. So, map out what you need to do. This will make it easier to focus.

3. Sleep

If you haven’t had a decent chance to re-boot and rest, your mind hasn’t either. During times when you need to have clear focus and strong dedication quality sleep is sometimes all you need.

Try to resist sudden urges to reach for something sweet or to veg out in front of the television. If you have regular trouble falling asleep, stick to a regular sleep schedule so your body can reset its biological mechanisms.

Don’t watch tv or use your computer about an hour before bed. Instead, take a warm bath, read or sip on some tea.

4. Fuel up on the right foods

What you eat affects your mind and how it can operate under pressure. The lack of vitamin B complex for example, can affect your memory and clear thinking.

Sugar is proven to be highly detrimental to all mental processes and brain functions. Too much consumption can lead to severe chronic conditions, such as dementia or type-2 diabetes.

For long-term well-being, you should have a healthy and versatile diet plan. This will help ensure a proper intake of all essential micro and macronutrients.

5. Get physical

Physical activity reinforces positive behaviour. Generally, this is because it requires a decent amount of self-discipline on its own. Explore your options. Take action in any activity or sport that will keep you inspired. It doesn’t matter whether is a walk with your best friend, running or hitting the gym. What’s important is that you get physical.

Make it a regular part of your schedule. Keep every appointment the way you would never skip going to your dentist. By introducing structure, you improve self-discipline and revel in the ultimate results.

6.Treat yourself

Depriving yourself entirely of the little things that make you enjoy life will only destroy your desire to stick to your goals. To try to avoid those desperate moments, schedule a daily treat to reward yourself for your hard work.

What’s your guilty pleasure? It may be a cookie, a nice walk, a relaxing massage, or a chat with your best friend – do whatever will help you recharge your batteries.

7. Forgive yourself

Self-discipline is no easy endeavour. You should prepare yourself for small failures and slip-ups. Try to find out what caused the setback instead of beating yourself up about it. Then move on with even greater resolution.

Life is simply too short and too wonderful to dwell on the negatives. Prepare yourself for the hurdles, maintain a positive mind-set, and greet your next challenge with dedication and vigour.

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