The 5 Best Places for Expats to live in Thailand


Thailand is one of the world’s most popular locales for expats. The year-round tropical climate, modern comforts and affordable living is attractive to many. Not to mention high quality and affordable health care. We have listed the 5 best places for expats to live in Thailand and why.

It’s a special corner of the world. It’s an exotic place that offers a comfortable life and without the headaches and expense of the West. The food is great, beaches pristine and one can see English original language movies on a fun night out. Happiness seems to be a priority here.

Including rent, a couple can live comfortably on a budget of approximately $2,000 a month. Here are a couple of the country’s most popular havens as a few off-the -grid destinations for those looking for something more peaceful.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai offers a slower pace of life. It’s located near the foothills of northern Thailand and is about a 1 hour flight from Bangkok. The climate here is more temperate and life here is calmer.

The culture in Chiang Mai is a little different. It is home to hundreds of Buddhist temples, with a rich history that dates back some 700 years. Beautiful mountains and deep history, helps give the area its unique feel.

Some of the country’s best weather is here. During the cool season, the average temperature is 77F. All modern comforts and conveniences are available at some of the most reasonable prices in the country. There is a good hospital offering quality care and western style shopping malls and cinemas who want to feel a bit of ‘home’.

The city center is where most expats live. Studio apartment rentals in this area start at around $300 a month and can be bought for just over $22,000.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a tropical haven. The palm-lined beaches, azure ocean and tropical year-round weather makes for very easy living.

This island is about an hour-and-a-half flight from Bangkok and there is something for everyone. Whether its serene yoga classes, bridge clubs or salsa dancing you can find it here.

When it comes to the ideal beach lifestyle abroad, many expats look to Koh Samui, where the palm-lined beaches, azure ocean, year-round tropical weather, and affordable costs make for ultra-easy living.

Life is very affordable here. You could live on less than $1,120 per month and be comfortable, and that’s with eating out every day. Local dishes are plentiful and cheap, less than $4 apiece.


Thailand’s capital is a modern bustling city. It has gleaming skyscapers, luxury hotels, and world-class public-transit options.

Some of the best street food stalls in Asia can be found here. One can find a great bowl of noodles for about a dollar, or spend $100 or more and indulge in a five-star meal at a classy restaurant. There are multitudes of markets, boutiques and modern shopping malls in Bangkok and one can find anything and everything they need.

Due to the large number of expats here there is no shortage of social clubs and activities catered to foreigners. Most expats live in the heart of the city close to public transit routes. About 20 miles from the center one can find suburbs like Bang Na and Nonthaburi if one prefers a quieter life with more space.

Thai law doesn’t allow foreigners to purchase land however buying a condo is possible. Rents for a 2 bed, furnished condo in Rama III are about $750 a month.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a relaxing fishing village south of Bangkok. Thai’s elite class established vacation homes here on the sandy beaches. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive from Bangkok and is a lively seaside town with a taste of the good life.

The beaches are beautiful and clean and Hua Hin has a great night market. There is an annual jazz festival here with fine local and international musicians.

This place feels like a small town. Here one can find a satellite of a well known Bangkok hospital for any medical needs. A single expat can live in Hua Hin on a monthly budget of $610, which includes a weekly massage, health insurance, a round of golf as well as eating out at least twice a day.


Phuket is truly beautiful. Jungle topped mountains, white sand beaches and turquoise waters make this the country’s largest island paradise. The daytime temperatures during the dry season average in the 70s F. The water is warm and there is always a lovely breeze.
Life here can be easy-going or very active depending on your prefrence. The Patong area is lined with music bars and parties into the wee hours of the morning.

On this island, you can enjoy some of the best seafood in the south of the country and dine at a range of gourmet restaurants, from sushi to Italian, to Indian. Local grocery stores stock import foods and many boutiques can be found for just about anything.

There is something for every budget here. Couples live quite well on around $2,200 a month. A two-bedroom townhouse, a 10-minute drive from the beach can be found for as little as $575 a month. Or choose a fully furnished, two-bedroom bungalow with two en-suite bathrooms, a garden, and a terrace for $780.

Thailand is a true expat haven and there is no doubt why. It’s a country offering modern amenities, great food and culture at very affordable costs of living.

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