5 best countries for vegans and vegetarians

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When it comes to stays abroad and trips, most people are especially looking forward to the food. For vegetarians and vegans, a trip abroad can mean that you should stick to the side dishes before finding a failed restaurant that offers vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The website and app Happy Cow is a worldwide rating platform of restaurants and cafes, which specializes in evaluating restaurants according to their veganese or vegetarian friendliness. Since, as a vegan and vegetarian, you can have better luck in some countries in terms of food choices, foreign careers have compiled a list of the top 5 countries:

1st: India

In no other country are there as many vegetarians as in India. India has the lowest rate of meat consumption, and therefore even more vegetarians than the rest of the world combined, according to a 2007 study by the UN FAO. As a vegetarian, you have it very easy in India. However, most Indians are “Ovo-Lacto vegetarians” and thus consume eggs and milk. Many curry dishes contain butter and yoghurt and are therefore nothing for vegans. Although the term “vegan” is rarely used in India, there are many restaurants that refer to themselves as “Pure Vegetarian” and are therefore vegan.

2nd: Israel

As for pure vegan fare, Israel could also be at the forefront. There is, in fact, the largest per capita rate of vegans in the world and there are more and more. Accordingly, the selection of vegan fare and vegan restaurants is huge. As in other countries of the Middle East, “Falafel”, “Humus”, Couscous and also “Tabouli” are part of everyday life and are vegan anyway.

3rd: Taiwan

Due to the Buddhist population in Taiwan, about 14 percent live vegan or vegetarian. Although the term “vegan” is more common for Western tourists. Most vegetarian restaurants are equally vegan, as dairy products are very rarely used in Taiwan anyway. Eggs are more likely to be sold as an additive in food. Especially popular are dimplings, noodle soups or rice dishes.

4th: Australia

Australia is a pool of all different cultures and especially due to the strong Asian influence, there are all sorts of vegan and vegetarian options in Australia. The Australian “Boost Juice” chain is available almost every corner in most major cities and is especially worth it for a quick smoothie breakfast. Most cafés always have almond or soyamel milk and there is hardly a restaurant that offers no vegetarian option.

5th: Greece

Greece is a very vegan-friendly country because of the “Mezze” culture. Fair includes all kinds of appetizers such as “Dolmades” (rice wrapped in vine leaves). Other dishes are: “Gigantes” (large white beans in tomato sauce), “Kefttedes” (mostly zuchini rissole’s), “Spanakopita” (puff pastry stuffed with spinach), “Horta” (cooked green vegetables) and, of course Greek salad. Greece’s answer to Humus is called “fava” and is made from mashed yellow lenses. In addition, stuffed peppers, eggplant salad and oven vegetables are popular foods.


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