3 Common cooking habits that can increase toxicity in your food

3 Common Cooking Habits That Can Increase Toxicity In Your Food

Our cooking habits can negatively affect our wellbeing without even knowing it. In this article a few common cooking methods are revealed that make our food less healthy.

Burned food

Overcooked meals can be toxic. If the food is made at very high temperature, it is already charred. Burned food results in chemicals and byproducts that can be associated with cancer.

Cooking meat on the barbecue, grill, or pan-frying it, usually is done on a very high temperature. Experts claim that temperature around 150°C is already not recommended. The burned meat contains two chemicals (heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) that are responsible for changes in our DNA that might end up in creating cancer.

The first chemical is released when...

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