10 frightening superstitions from around the world

10 frightening superstitions from around the world

Superstitions are something unexplainable. But they do exist, and people simply believe in them. Our rational thinking doesn’t make much sense here, but at least we can enjoy the diversity of the world.  Let’s take a look at these weird, frightening and simply amazing superstitions below.


If you are wondering why nobody is chewing gum at night in Turkey, here is an answer. Locals believe that if you do so, you are actually chewing on rotting human flesh. Obviously, brushing your teeth or choosing another type of breath freshener is a better option in this country.

Spain and Latin America

Hollywood taught us well about Friday the 13th. So, we are aware about the presence of bad luck. Meanwhile, Spanish-speaking countries have a different schedule – it is Tuesday the 13th that is unlucky. From now on, we have more things to be worried about.


Would you like to keep your things private while in Denmark? Then it’s better if you don’t share your matters if there is a cat somewhere around you. He will spread the rumour.

The Philippines

When traveling in the Philippines, you better leave your red clothes at home. People talk that this colour attracts lightning during thunder storms. Better be safe than sorry!

South Korea

You will not see a South Korean using a fan with the door closed. Never. Even official institutions support keeping a room open. This phenomenon relates to the national ‘fan death’ fear.

Italy and Spain

Would you like to receive some inspiration to cover your laziness when the cleaning time comes? Feel free to use this superstition as an excuse. People believe that if a broom touches a single person’s feet while sweeping the floor, he or she will end up being forever alone.


In Russia people are sensitive to hearing someone whistling inside. So, if you don’t want to cause any money related worries or risk your bank balance, hold on with this habit while you are in the country.


Never toast someone with water, simply because Germans will think you are wishing them dead. The roots of this superstition lie in ancient Greek myths. It is the best stimulus to choose beer instead.


If you are curious why people in Japan hide their thumbs during funerals, there is a reason for that.  The Japanese believe that it can affect the lifespan of one’s parents. Basically, they say that “parents will die young if you will not do so”. Be extra aware, a spirit of dead one can enter the body under the thumb nails.


Once the clocks strike midnight on a New Year’s Eve, Spaniards eat 12 grapes just to attract and ensure the luck all year round. Seems simple and pleasurable, well, try to do it in 12 seconds! Correct, one grape per second. In fact, it is quite a cozy tradition that brings family together.

Don’t forget, it is your personal choice to believe in any of them or not. Anyhow, all of them are amusing to hear.

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